Hello! The download feature is currently in beta and being worked on and still has some issues. You will need to REGISTER and be LOGGED IN to see the download icon. Also, currently only some comics have the feature enabled. Soon it will be available on all. To download check for the download icon near the chapter page like in the image below.

For PC –

For Mobile / Tablet –


Just click the icon and a zip file will be downloaded. You can unzip the file using 7zip (recommended) or Winrar on PC and ES File Explorer or any other file manager that supports unzipping. Then you can view them all offline whenever and wherever!

Sometimes you might get a 404 error page. Just retry the download once or twice, it should work.

If you have any feedback be sure to comment below.

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  1. mcslurf

    Thanks for the download option Steve! 🙂
    It works perfectly on my Mac.

    Can’t wait to see all comics with this download option.

    Thanks for all the work!

    1. Steve

      Videos will not be downloadable. Only images and gifs. You can use the save video option in the browsers or use an external extension for downloading videos.