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We want to build an amazing site for comics old and new with daily latest and greatest updates. However, with the increase in comics come more work. You can apply to join our community to help us deliver more amazing free content to everyone! Paid jobs available.

Requirements – 

  • We do not have a main physical office, so your job is wherever you are. Being in a globally distributed team means no fighting traffic to get to the office. You can always work at the beach!
  • There are no forced working hours – as long as things get done in a timely manner. None of our positions require you to work at any specific time, so there is massively less stress about “showing up on time”.
  • We expect all staff to be comfortable working with Discord
  • Every position requires a trial period, determined during the interview. Depending on your experience, expertise, and ability to sell yourself, your trial period could be days to weeks.
  • We require a period of acclimation to get to know you and allow you to get to know the team. Your responsibilities will start out very minimally and as we are more comfortable with each other those responsibilities will increase over time.

Please use the contact form below to contact us if you are interested.